Foto:  Paul Bink

Foto: Paul Bink


The People I work with;

BS;BP collective of architects and designers
Ab Oosterhof interior architect
Daniël van Ginkel Graphic Designer
Hoofdcwartier design print and website
+ more


Hi There,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ellen Kiers. I’m a interior architect since 2014, in my years of interior architecture I’ve worked together with a variety of professionals and clients.

My signature is a clear, crisp concept design. I like the simplistic design with a touch of humour. The most important aspect of design for me is that the concept you design for needs to be a perfect fit with the person/ business. You need to feel the best version of you in the space.

To accomplish this, I collaborate with professionals in diverse design disciplines, together we can create the best design and tackle every challenge that comes our way.

Office adres: Bloemendalstraat 7, 8011PJ Zwolle